chapter  7
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Gendered Islands, Tourism, and Prostitution Discourse

The environmentally embedded representation of Sri Lankan sex tourism in the previous chapter showed how the island’s localized experiences of compound disaster help amplify, and provide further perspectives on, the considerations of postcolonial tourism throughout this study. My aim in the fi nal chapter is to bring Sri Lanka back into dialogue with Pacifi c and Caribbean concerns in order to address how tensions between culture, nature, and sexual discourse can be negotiated on a more macroscopic, global level. Discussing Sri Lankan sex tourism’s implication in circuits of consumption that include ‘scenery, sights, [and] culture’ as well as people, Ireland states that:

It is not uncommon for the basis of such tourism to be compared to prostitution in a wider sense, with reference to the extent to which the culture and environment become part of a package to be consumed and, in the process, corrupted and degraded.