chapter  2
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Noblest of Disciplines is Correction of Dis-positions

The nobility of any discipline662 limited to the refonn of any existent thing is likely to be563 in accordance with the nobility of that existent thing in itself.564 This proposition629 is evident and open to the intelligence of intelligent men: for the discipline of medicine, whose purpose is to refonn the body of Man, is nobler than the discipline of tanning, whose purpose is to try to refonn565 the skins of dead animals. Now, since the noblest of existent things is the human species, as has been proven in the Speculative Sciences (we having made reference thereto in the Fourth Section of the First Division), the existence of this species is dependent on the power and contrivance of the Creator566 (exalted and sanctified be He!), but the improvement 567 of its existence and the perfection of its substance are entrusted to its (own) opinion and deliberation,568 and the regulation of its will, as we have explained.