chapter  6
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Virtues and Pseudo-Virtues

Earlier, in the chapter confined to an exposition of Good and Felicity,129 we recalled that the necessary causes730 of Felicity signify the perfection of defective faculties;731 and we explained that the perfection of the faculties proceeds by acquisition of the Fourfold Virtues. Thus, the necessary causes of Felicity are the Four Classes of Virtues and the species60 subsumed under them; and the felicitous man is he whose essence unites these attributes.132 Now, since one class of these Virtues depends on the Speculative Faculty,733 namely Wisdom,6 while the three remaining classes depend on the Practical;'34 therefore, the scene of the operations'35 of Wisdom is the RationaP2 Soul, while that of the operations of the three remaining is the Body. Moreover, since actions proceed from men resembling the actions of the virtuous, and the necessity arises to distinguish between virtue and what is not virtue, by a knowledge of the true nature'36 of each action, and a distinction between that which has virtue for a principle,131 and that which has another state for its principle, not virtue; therefore, in this Section, we propose to expound this idea at length.