chapter  8
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Acquisition of Virtues and Degrees of Felicity

Aristotle has compared the man whose state is subject to the counter-attraction of the faculties, as described above, to a person being pulled on both sides so that he is split in two; or on different sides so that he is tom to pieces. But when he makes the faculty of distinction1041-which is the vice-gerent of God (mighty and glorified is He!)lOU-the arbitrator86o of the faculties within the human essence,1043 so that it safeguards the conditions for equilibrium830 and equality,851 then each one attains its due, and the disorder to be expected from multiplicity is relieved. Next,IOU when he has completed the adjustment of the soul in this way, he is obliged694 to concern himself with the adjustment of friends and family and kin in like manner; then with the adjustment of strangers and distant persons; and finally, with the adjustment of animals, until the superiorityl045 of such a person over his fellow-men becomes apparent and his justice is fulfilled. The person who attains this limit in justice is God Almighty's friend,lo46 His vice-gerent,1042 and the best of His creation. Corresponding to him is the worst of God's creation, the person who first does injustice985 to himself, next to his friends and relatives, and then to the rest of mankind and the classes of animals, by neglecting chastisements.lo47 (It is obvious what sort of man this must be) for the knowledge of two opposites is one thing: thus, the best of men is the just man, and the worst of men is the unjust.870