chapter  3
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Regulation of Wives

In the third category only one condition must be observed: that of moderation.1307 In that which is the means of one's seeking what is congenial,1l77 one should be closer to extravagance than to cheeseparing, at least to an extent sufficient to effect the preservation of one's good repute; for that is of the order470 of repelling harm rather than of pure extravagance.1605 .Indeed, if one fulfils the conditions of taking the middle coursel606 in iJ.ll respects, one will not escape the aspersions of the slanderer or the disparagement of the detractor. The reason for this is that equity and justicel607 are missing in most natures, while desire and envy and ill-will are firmly rooted. Thus, relying in one's expenditure on the opinions of the common people may more readily save one's good repute than reliance on the rule of conduct followed by the elect:160s for the inclination of the former is to dissipation, just as that of the latter is to cheeseparing.