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4a. Rights of Parents

Thirty years after the publication of the present book, there arrived in these parts, (coming) from the Presence of the Emperor of the World (God eternalize his reign!)1759 a certain great man, outstanding among mankind in most of the branches of virtues: namely, the one served and revered, Prince of Amirs in this world,1760 Glory of State and Faith, Pride of the World, 'Abd al-'Aziz al-Nishapuri (God strengthen his supporters and prolong his glorification!). And, ennobling this work with his august perusal, he observed that from among the virtues to be found mentioned therein, one great virtue was missing-namely, observance of the rights of parents, which naturally followS1761 from worship of the Creator,666 as He has Himself ordained (mighty is His Name!):'Thy Lord has decreed that thou shouldst worship none save Him, but to thy parents show kindness!'