chapter  I
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Need for Civilization and Nature of Politics

WE remarked earlier that every existent being has a perfection: in the case of some existent beings, this perfection is conjoined with existence at genesis;1808 in others, the perfection is subsequent to1809 existence. An example of the first category is to be found in the heavenly bodies, while the second is represented by terrestrial compounds. Furthermore, whatever has a perfection subsequent to its own existence, must inevitably have a motion from deficiency to perfection; and that motion cannot occur without the aid of causes, some of which are 'perfecters' and some 'disposers' .1810 The 'perfecters' are such things as the forms that emanate from the Bestower of Forms, by way of succession,1811 onto the sperm, with the result that it passes from the boundary of 'sperm-ness'ISI2 to human perfection. By the 'disposers' are denoted such things as sustenance, which becomes matter in relationship,1s13 so that growth may reach the end that is possible.