chapter  2
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On Love, Connecter of Societies

Men need each other, then, and the perfection and completion of each one lies with other individuals of his species. Moreover, necessity demands a request for aid, for no individual can reach perfection in isolation, as has been explained.18D3 This being so, there is an inescapable need for a synthesis,1887& which will render all individuals, co-operating together, comparable to the organs of one individual. Again, since Man has been created with a natural direction towards perfection, he has a natural yearning for the synthesis in question. This yearning for the synthesis is called Love. We have already

19 alluded to the preference (that may be shown) to Love above Justice.18U4 The reason for this idea is that Justice requires artificial union,18u5 whereas Love requires natural union;18U6 at the same time, the artificial in relation to the natural is like an outer skin,18u6 the artificial imitating the natural.