chapter  6
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On Friendship and Friends

Since men are naturally city-dwellers, 2240 with the completion of their felicity lying among their friends and their other associates in the species; and inasmuch as whoever has his completion in something other than himself, cannot become perfect in solitude; so the perfect and felicitous man is the one who spares no pains to win friends; moreover, he includes them in the goods pertaining to him in order that he may acquire with their assistance that which he cannot acquire alone. Throughout his life he finds enjoyment and pleasure in their existence: a real enjoyment and a divine pleasure, as we have

said,2241 not an animal pleasure and a bestial enjoyment. However, such people are most rare, while those engaging in animal pleasure and bestial enjoyment are numerous. Thus, as regards intercourse with friends, it is preferable to limit oneself to a few, for this class (of people) may be compared to salt and seasonings: necessary to food though they are, they still do not take the place of sustenance.