chapter  7
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No parents! The child-only tourism experience

While not disputing the centrality of the family to the holiday experiences of children, it is important to recognise that children do undertake holidays without their parents. Some insights into the parent-less holiday experiences of children have already been offered in Chapter 5 within the context of schoolbased tourism. This chapter expands on this work to explore why children go on holidays without their parents. The discussion is grounded in the concept of freedom, children’s fear and fascination of the unknown, and the develop - ment of children’s self-identity. The role parents take in encouraging children to undertake holiday experiences without them is also discussed. The ideas developed in this chapter are clearly linked to the holiday motivations of children discussed in Chapter 3 and are related to definitions of the ‘good parent’ noted in Chapter 2. In addition, it will become apparent that there are links between the well-being of children, as discussed in Chapter 4, and their education, as discussed in Chapter 5.