chapter  6
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Development and Identity Politics: Securing Sexual Citizenship

In this chapter, I pour libations to the memory of Michael Sandy. Michael Sandy was killed in October 20061 after connecting with his assailants in a gay Internet chat room. They lured him to a parking lot in Plum Beach, New York, beat him, and chased him onto the beltway where he was struck by a car.2 After fi ve days in a coma, Sandy succumbed to his injuries. I read of Sandy’s death in the New York Times over a cup of coffee one crisp fall Sunday morning. Against the serenity of the morning, this report began as one more hateful tragedy until I read that his aunt was MaCartha Lewis. Because amnesia is the thing that allows me to live away from “home,” the name prompted me to call my cousin to confi rm why this name was so strangely familiar. “Isn’t ‘MaCartha Lewis’ Calypso Rose’s real name?” I asked her, and she, being the archivist of all things ancestral, replied, “Yes, who died?” I then proceeded to quickly tell her that someone from “home” had been killed in New York. Sandy was the nephew of a very prominent female calypsonian. So, it follows that I was disheartened to realize that Sandy’s attack and passing was not reported in any of the local dailies in Trinidad and Tobago. I remember him here.