chapter  2
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Crafting Maternal Citizens: Historicizing Institutional Subjectivities within Gender Mainstreaming

It is not enough to merely “see” women. Achieving gender equity must be guided by an understanding of how different constituencies of women have come into being over time within their various local contexts. It is now a fairly commonplace understanding that inherent in the pursuit of gender equity is the desire to denaturalize who and what gets marked as different. What is not always immediately obvious is the importance of exploring how ideas of the individual as different are historically constituted and produced through multiple sites of power. Recognizing which individuals, groups, organizations, and ideas require, or continue to benefi t from, women’s subordination, queer invisibility, or ethnic destabilization is critical to inequity’s undoing. In this chapter, I am arguing that dismantling inequity requires that we learn how to see the sites through which specifi c marginalities have been produced, the tropes that keep these marginalities in place, and where the investments in their perpetuation lie.