chapter  6
Developing resourcefulness
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The word ‘resource’ is normally used as a noun, but turning it into a verb provides a fresh insight. To ‘re-source’ means to go back to the source; for our purposes, the source of our ability to think. We’ve already tried to emphasise the importance of creativity in thinking, the capacity we can have to make useful connections and look at things from multiple perspectives. Developing these aspects of creativity keeps thinking fl exible and fresh while also supporting the use of so-called ‘critical thinking skills’. These ways of thinking rely upon our conscious intelligence; our ability to reason, refl ect, discriminate, speculate, infer, consider options, make judgements and reach conclusions prior to making decisions on which we can act. Although distinctions are sometimes drawn between creative and critical kinds of thinking, in practice they are as intertwined and mutually necessary as the elegant lobes of the Yin Yang symbol.