chapter  18
EI and the three-legged stool
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Android interviews self-promoter. Ask the children to pair up and decide on a famous   person who they would like to interview. They (or you) decide who will be the interviewer and who will be the celebrity. The former then writes down fi ve questions that s/he would like to ask the celebrity (without revealing them yet), whilst the celebrity thinks about what information s/he would like to communicate in the interview (e.g. something about their latest album, a fi lm they appear in, moving abroad, their car collection, etc.). When the interview begins, the interviewer must only ask the questions already written and the celebrity must answer them, but should also take every opportunity to say what they want to say (the new album, etc.). At the end of the interview, ask the pairs to think about how much listening was going on, what they noticed about the questioning (and answering) and, if this was real life, how well the two individuals would have got along. They might want to think about any televised interviews they have seen and, under the three headings of Q&As, listening and relationship, what have they noticed that has made a successful interview? Rules for running a successful interview could be developed from this and practice ones trialed.