chapter  9
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Seeing at a distance and its mastery

There are two categories of parapsychological phenomena, which can be roughly distinguished as, fi rst, seeing or otherwise knowing facts that are inaccessible to the sense organs, either because they are distant in space and time or because they are the contents of other people’s minds, and second, causing empirical changes in the material world through one’s own mental activity, alone. For convenience, we shall call them “seeing (or knowing) at a distance” and “psychokinesis.” Psychokinesis will be the topic of Chapter 10. This chapter considers only the fi rst type of “psi” event, the “wholly mental” sort, including clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathy and the like. Such “nonordinary knowing” is the easier category of parapsychology to accept, and we shall fi nd that in many ways its operation resembles what we have already learned about altered states of consciousness. Telepathy and clairvoyance are talents that can be developed and refi ned by those who train themselves in the receptivity of the “meditation complex” or “transcendental ego” and then learn to steer their attention by dropping auto-suggestions into the warps of their own conscious states.