chapter  15
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The role of images

Now another question had to be answered about the free drawings. For the fact that the ideas in them were obviously in part determined by the circumstance of a Freudian analysis did not, I thought, alter another fact; that was that they embodied a form of knowing that traditional education of the academic kind largely ignores, and one that I myself was unaware of using – until I began to study the drawings in detail. But when I had done this there had been no doubt that many of the drawings did represent thinking of some sort, reflections about the human situation, as well as experiences with a medium. So the question arose, why had it not been possible to think out such ideas directly in words? This raised the more general question of thinking in the private language of one’s own subjective images, as against thinking in the public language of words. It also brought to the fore the problem of the academic and over-linguistic bias of traditional education.