chapter  14
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Conducting an External Institutional Quality Review: The Palestinian Al-Quds Open University

In 2006-2007, as part of a project aimed at improving the Palestinian higher educa-

tion system,1 the World Bank funded a review of the Palestinian Al-Quds Open

University (QOU). The University of Manitoba (UM) was contracted to undertake

this review through Education Management Europe. The international external

evaluation team, led by the author, comprised four faculty members from Extended

Education at UM who were well-versed in open and distance education, and two

Palestinian lecturers in Business Administration and Continuing Education at Birzeit

University, Palestine, one of whom had taught part-time at QOU. The comprehen-

sive evaluation was concerned with the overall operation of QOU but with a special

focus on the quality of QOU’s open and distance teaching and learning.