chapter  15
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Lowering the Cost and Increasing the Effectiveness of Quality Assurance: COL RIM

Imagine an institution fraught with quality problems, where the staff are too busy

and too nervous to address them, and discussions about quality (or the lack of it)

occur in surreptitious conversations, emails and phone calls. Imagine, too, an

institution where understanding about management directions is unclear and

bureaucracy is rife, where controversial proposals cannot receive endorsement by

committees and where staff just keep their heads down and concentrate on their

own work. Imagine also that there is a growing demand for institutional quality

assurance (QA) but that the use of external quality assurance (EQA) is prohibi-

tively expensive. This scenario is typical of many educational institutions across

the globe, particularly in developing countries. It is the context in which the

Commonwealth of Learning Review and Improvement Model (COL RIM)

(Commonwealth of Learning, 2010) seeks to make a difference.