chapter  19
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Quality Assurance in e-Learning for European Small-to-Medium Enterprises

At the Lisbon Special European Council: Towards a Europe of Innovation and

Knowledge of March 2000,1 the European Union (EU) Heads of States and

Governments agreed to make the EU ‘the most competitive and dynamic

knowledge-driven economy by 2010’ (European Council, 2000). In 2010, it is gen-

erally agreed that the outcomes of the Lisbon Strategy are at best mixed. The

European Commission (EC) report Europe 2020: A Strategy for European Community

Growth observes that the EU was moving in the right direction before the global

financial crisis but this event wiped out many of the gains, so that strong economic

policy coordination and growth based on knowledge and innovation are now even

more essential than before (European Commission, 2010). Achieving these goals

will require continuing modernization and there is a common belief that this will

entail the development and adoption of e-learning in business and industry, includ-

ing small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs). This chapter outlines e-learning in

European SMEs and discusses the quality assurance (QA) issues in this context.