chapter  1
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Human Development and Constructivism

There are two answers to the question “Why start a book about portfolios with human development and Constructivism?” The first answer has to do with being grounded in the knowledge base that helps define early care and education as a profession. The study of human development, child development in particular, is fundamental to best practice in early care and education (ECE). Child development and best practice are two are sides of the same coin, neither complete without the other. Our maturation as a field has brought with it widespread agreement among our ranks that ECE is, indeed, part of the education profession. There is often an unfortunate divide between practitioners who work with our youngest children (birth to kindergarten age) and those who work in early elementary education settings (K-3). In our view, we are all part of the same tapestry, all crucial parts of the educational continuum, all professionals. As such, we must assume the obligations inherent in all professions.