chapter  9
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‘I can’t make my own future’: white-collar offenders’ anticipation of release from prison

A preoccupation with the future is a concern for us all, but perhaps nowhere is this more explicit than for those serving prison sentences. Using interview data, this chapter focuses on the existential aspects of white-collar offenders’ prison experiences, with a particular focus on the future each had identified upon release. Some felt optimistic about life after prison, constituting themselves as made stronger by their experiences and as active participants in their change in self. This reflection was based on an understanding that they were still in control of their futures and that much was possible for them. Other prisoners felt change had been inflicted upon them by their prison sentence. They were unable to view any positives in a future in which their identity as offenders was already determined. Understanding that release from prison would force them to confront difficult decisions was to understand how they had changed.