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Cleveland and the Unmaking of City

My family’s progression of housing locations followed a pattern typical of that

which was the undoing of Cleveland as a city: from an apartment above stores

at East 105th Street and Greenlawn Avenue to a rented single family house not

far away on Amor Avenue, to another apartment, this time without stores, just

a bit further out, on Lakeview Road, and then up to Bellfield Road in Cleveland

Heights, the first ring of eastern suburbs. My brother and his family would

continue the outward moves: first to a modest house in South Euclid, the third

suburb east, and then to a more substantial home, a bit further out, to raise three

daughters who, in turn, moved still further out to places like the outskirts of

Akron and Columbus. An aunt, in the meantime, moved from that East 105th

Street apartment to Cleveland Heights, and then to a nice town, Stow, now

considered a suburb. In my time I would move out altogether, with several stops

before settling in San Francisco.