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Liberty Bakery

At 12.45, on a gray, rainy Friday afternoon in early August, there are six people

in line waiting to be served in the Liberty Bakery, Vancouver. The entry door is

on East 21st Avenue, not on Main Street, the more trafficked business street

where it might be expected. Upon entering, there are three steps down to the

counter where customers’ orders are taken. The space is small, with baked

goods, cookies, and sandwiches displayed behind a glass counter to the left and

shelves with various breads behind that. Behind the counter where the orders

are taken are shelves with plates, cups, a coffee maker, and a large soup pot. To

the left, beyond an open doorway, is the bakery and space to wash dishes. At a

small table to the right of the three steps, a middle-aged to elderly lady is sitting.

Further to the right, through a short passage, is the main room, for dining. On