chapter  5
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“doing” Mathematics And Its Relation To The Life Path Of Being A Mathematics Teacher/educator

This study so far has concerned itself with exploring a way of knowing that I have described as being steeped in relationship, or as a connaitre way of knowing. And although I have used accounts of mathematics teachers and mathematics teacher educators to bolster the image of these expanded images of knowing, in some sense, much of what I have discussed has not yet addressed the particularities associated with being a teacher of mathematics. That is to say, other than parts of Chapter 2 (i.e., Eve’s transcript) and Chapter 4 (e.g., Lewis’s and April’s stories), I have delved into this particular way of knowing largely at a level nonspecifi c to teachers. Meanwhile, the details of how that knowing interacts, specifi cally, with the life path of being a teacher have been relegated primarily to the background.