chapter  3
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Are There 256 Different Kinds of Memory?

An academic Festschrift, as every reader of this volume knows, is a bookhonoring a respected scholar or scientist. It is usually published to cele-brate an important landmark in the honoree’s life. In our case the honored academic is Henry L. (Roddy) Roediger, III, a brilliant cognitive psychologist, mentor and teacher, friend and colleague. And the landmark, as far as I know, was the discovery in 2004 by Roddy’s colleagues at Purdue, primarily Jim Nairne, that they had had the good fortune of having had a truly remarkable colleague in their very midst when Roddy was a faculty member there. The discovery resulted in Roddy’s being nominated for and awarded an honorary doctor’s degree by Purdue, followed by a scientific conference to celebrate his achievements, and now this volume to record it for posterity.