chapter  12
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Chapter Philosophy of Peace Education in a Postmetaphysical Era

Peace education is currently going the wrong way: It is unwilling to address the questions concerning its path, its telos, the challenges of its goals, and the relevance of its critiques. Its popularity is growing by the day precisely because of its irresponsibility, banality, and good-natured disorientation. It receives at once acknowledgment and appreciation by all in an embarrassing manner. There is, however, a chance for a turn-not for peace education as such but in life possibilities themselves. The gate to other life possibilities is not locked and can never be totally sealed or eternally forgotten. Such a new way, nevertheless, is far from becoming “an alternative peace education” because of its philosophical responsibility and its unconditional commitment to eternal improvisation and Love. Yet it is of vital importance for such countereducation to challenge the false promises of present-day peace education, to face up to the existential, philosophical, and political settings that make possible current peace education and the kind of power relations that threaten the very existence of the planet, an order that current peace education enables, serves, conceals, and glori es (Gur-Ze’ev, 2007).