chapter  21
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Chapter Educating for Peace through Planned Encounters between Jews and Arabs in Israel: A Reappraisal of Effectiveness

In the past few decades, planned intergroup contact interventions have played an important role in attempts at peace education, peace building, and reconciliation (Bar-Tal, 2002; Salomon, 2002). Examples of different forms or practices of such interventions, organized to help educate for peace in a con ict or postcon ict situations, can be found in Northern Ireland and between Greek and Turkish Cypriots (Saunders, 1999; Ulrike & Cairns, 2005) as well as in the Jewish-Arab or the Israeli-Palestinian con ict. Peace education aimed intergroup encounters or dialogues are conducted between Jews and Arabs in Israel and, more recently, between Israeli Jews and Palestinians from the West Bank and Gaza (Adwan & Bar-On, 2000).