chapter  3
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Issues and Debates: Case Studies

Preparing case studies for the MEST3 exam The AQA specification requires you to undertake two case studies to answer your MEST3 paper, Critical perspectives. These will help you to answer Section A questions on unseen media products and will be the basis of your Section B essay. The idea behind the case study is that you will focus on one area of each of the pre-set topics, undertake research and analysis, and then apply what you have learned in one of them to an essay question in the exam itself. This gives you the opportunity to get to know an area in the media especially well so that you can showcase your research and understanding of the topic when you respond to the essay exam question. You will need to investigate the wider contexts, those social, political, economic and historical forces that shape media output, and to show an awareness of contemporary media issues and debates that impact upon the media, as well as demonstrating some theoretical insight, where appropriate. You can read more about the mechanics of how to do this in Chapter 4.