chapter  X
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The Political Register, of which Cobbett always wrote a very large part, absorbed most of his attention during the years traversed in the last few chapters. But even this, with the addition of his practical farming work from 1805 onwards, did not absorb the whole of his energies. In 1804, when he had found how to make full use of John Wright's sub-editorial capacities, he started two new enterprises. An abridged edition in French of certain parts of the Register, under the title of Le Mercure A nglais, he had produced in 1803 ; but this had been brought to an end by the resumption of the war. From January of the following year he began to publish, in weekly numbers, a new venture, The Spirit of the Public Journals, consisting wholly of articles and comments extracted from the newspapers of the day. At the end of the year this, like the Register, was re-issued in volume form; but its reception was not good enough to justify its continuance, and it was dropped after the one year's trial.