chapter  9
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Meda Chesney-Lind Known as the “mother of feminist criminology,” Chesney-Lind shares her passion and motivation for researching women and crime for over 30 years. She traces the dramatic shifts and changes in the acceptance of women in criminology, but insists that there is still much to be done if we are to improve the lives of girls and women

I’m a bit surprised and honored that someone would think of me in those terms. Certainly, when I began doing work on women and crime, I was well aware that there were risks doing the sort of work I was drawn to, particularly if one were looking for an academic job. Some of my closest friends were being denied tenure for doing what I considered to be outstanding work on gender. So, actually I went to the community colleges so that I could continue to study women and crime, even though it was a trifl e hard, given the workload.