chapter  12
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‘Irrespective of race, sex, sexuality…’

Gerry, Ahmed and Amitha work for the co-ordinating body of a voluntary advice organization, where they have been centrally involved on the Equal Opportunities Policy Working Party.

Gerry: I’m a woman with a white father and a South-East Asian mother, brought up in the army as the daughter of an NCO. Because of my very varied upbringing I have found that I have never been able to analyse the political effects of any discrimination. My first political awareness of oppression was when I was discharged from the nursing corps of the army over lesbianism. Being eighteen and losing my job, my career, friends and being forced to come out to my parents in extremely unpleasant circumstances, profoundly influenced my life and identity. My first taste of oppression was not that of being a woman or Black but over homosexuality!