chapter  2
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Spiritual Connections

Winter’s light seems unusually beautiful today. Although the days are short and the temperatures are below freezing, the lingering glow of the low angle of the sun is outstanding as it illuminates the snow-covered ground. It is as if each crystal of ice has been made into a sparkling diamond capturing a brilliant ray of light. Most people in the greater Seattle area hate the snow, because it can turn into nightmarish driving conditions in our moist marine climate where one must compete with 3 million other people spinning up and down our steep hills. But I wonder how many people are missing the beauty of the moment? From where I sit this morning looking out on my backyard sanctuary, encased in the scenery enhanced by a post-solstice glow, my mind runs to Leonard Cohen’s “Anthem,” where the poet’s words continue to ring true:

Gay spirituality may be one of those cracks placed in our lives to enlighten America’s thinking. e cracks in our lives oen result from interacting with others who are dierent-those who disrupt our status quo mentality bring new light that illuminates our perceptions in the most unusual ways. No matter the topic, it’s always dierent when it becomes personal. Gay spirituality has become very personal for me because of the people who have traversed my life, cracked it open, and le me forever

changed. As a result of this new light, I want the world to treat the people I love with dignity, respect, and love. I want them to have an equal chance in life. I want them to be blessed by the abundance of knowing they are beloved children of God and to realize that innate sexuality does not preclude heartfelt spirituality.