chapter  5
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Case Management and Individual Work With Clients

As newly trained therapists leave the universities and begin their careers, most dream of working in private practice or at least working with clients on an individual basis. It is commonplace to have applicants ask with a hopeful tone upon interviewing for a job in the field of substance abuse treatment, “Do you do individual work too, or is it just group?” When they learn that it is most common to conduct the majority of work in a group setting, some are noticeably disappointed. Despite this industry norm, some work is done on an individual basis out of necessity. Some clients need individual treatment services, all clients need case management and treatment planning, and still other clients have minimal legal involvement and seek services from individual practitioners who only offer individual sessions. Because of this, solutionfocused therapists need to be well versed in applying these basic tenets to case management and individual services as well. In this chapter we will explore when and how case management and other individual services are used in the field of substance abuse treatment, and how these same services can be effectively provided utilizing solution-focused brief therapy.