chapter  9
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Forms and Handouts

Paperwork and the completion of myriad forms is a necessary evil for all therapists. While it is not something to which most therapists aspire, most come to terms that paperwork is necessary in order to provide evidence that purposeful work was done during the time together and that standards of care were met. The majority of client files are never subpoenaed into court or reviewed by outside sources; however, an experienced clinician knows too well that one never knows which client will come to some ill fate, requiring the file and the content of the therapy sessions to come under scrutiny. Nowhere is this more true than when working with substance abusing clients in an agency setting. Throughout my career working with the highest risk clients, I have had countless clients die from car accidents, medical complications, suicide, homicide, and the like. Each required soulful review of the file to ensure that each client received the utmost level of care and that the therapist did not overlook warning signs.