chapter  3
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Three Conversations About Dying and Living

The following transcribed session was my first meeting with George. George was forty-eight years old and worked as a technical consultant, designing and managing computer systems. I heard about George when I answered an urgent telephone message from his wife Penny, who had come home unexpectedly from work in the middle of the day to find George in the basement taping a suicide message for her and their son. He had a gun and ammunition and had planned to kill himself that day. She had already asked that he surrender the gun to her and he had done so. I was calling from an airport in another city and walked Penny through the process of getting George some immediate help. In the end she offered him the option of going to the hospital emergency room immediately with her or being taken there by police, and he agreed to go with her. I contacted the hospital to let the crisis intervention team know to expect him and to ask them to let me know that he arrived.