chapter  8
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The Canton-Hankow Railway Plays Its Part

The interest to British readers must be especially great, as completion of this trunk line will bring the whole hinterland of South China to within the reaches of Hong Kong. It will be remembered that Hong Kong, or rather Kowloon, is already connected by rail with Canton, the capital of Kwangtung Province. At present the southern terminus of the Canton-Hankow Railway is Canton, and there is no connection between the CantonHankow Railway and the Canton-Kowloon Railway. A loop line to connect these two railways has been under consideration for some time. In fact, negotiations for such a junction line were conducted long ago, and were interrupted when the revolution of 1911 broke out. The length of this loop line would be some four to five miles. Naturally, the Hong Kong authorities are most eager to see such a loop line built. On the other hand, it is equally natural that the authorities of Canton are not so eagerly disposed towards such a loop line for the obvious reason that it will take much traffic from Canton to Kowloon. The local interests of the two cities apparently are not identical concerning this loop line, but it is hoped that the authorities will find some practical way of solving this question so that the local interests of both cities will be safeguarded and promoted.