chapter  10
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Extraterritoriality in China and Japan’s Designs

FOR many years China and Egypt have been the only two countries bound by the practice of extraterritoriality. Since the signing of the Montreux Convention on May 8th, providing for the abolition of the Capitulations in Egypt, China has lost her lone companion and henceforth will be the only nation in the world fettered by extraterritoriality without any fixed date for its abolition. The singular subjection of China to the burdens of this anachronistic system naturally intensifies the bitter feeling of her people. Consequently, the extraterritoriality question has become once more an irritating issue between China and the nations enjoying extraterritorial privileges. In order to understand the complicated system of extraterritoriality, which is as difficult to define as it is awkward to pronounce, we must review the circumstances under which it was introduced, and examine some of the peculiarities surrounding its operation.