chapter  18
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Japan’s Invasion of China and the Pacific Powers

TO-DAY China is engaged in a conflict with a Power which, militarily speaking, is very much stronger than herself. Nobody who has personal knowledge of China would describe her as being warlike, or as prone to engage in military adventures. It is China’s natural tendency-a tendency, in truth, which is not without its weaknesses-to compromise whenever she can. But China was compelled, by bitter experience, to realize that a point had been reached at which compromise would, in fact, have left her with few of the things for which compromise was worth making. As General Chiang Kai-shek solemnly declared last year, “We shall not relinquish peace until there is no hope for peace. We shall not talk lightly of sacrifice until we are driven to the last extremity which makes sacrifice inevitable.” To-day China is fighting for her national existence and for the purpose of saving her people from being enslaved to carry out Japan’s pan-Asiatic schemes.