chapter  VII
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Socialism and Nationalism in Canada

T HE two most important radical movements in present-day Canada are the socialist movement, represented mainly by the New Democratic Party, and the movement in Quebec which has linked socialism with nationalism. I mentioned briefly in an earlier chapter the emergence, in the 1930's, of two opposition movements-the Social Credit party and the Cooperative Commonwealth Federation-both of which were responses to the economic depression. The Social Credit movement was inspired originally by the ideas of Major C. H. Douglas, which were grafted on to the existing political movement of the United Farmers of Alberta. Douglas's social doctrines, which he began to expound in England in 1917, belong generally with the theories of technocracy. They have some affmity with the views presented later by Howard Scott, and more elaborately by James Burnham in The Managerial Revolutioll, but they are much more naive, and they include a number of distinctive economic ideas, particularly on the use of the credit system to create in practice the mass prosperity made possible by modern technology.