chapter  6
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Terrorism’s online future

To understand the future of terrorism online, it is important to first identify the real reason behind young and old men and women killing themselves for the sake of a cause. While not everyone agrees, Robert Pape, who has done extensive research on this topic, puts forward a compelling argument that foreign occupation is a primary cause of suicide terrorism. It is not the only cause, nor is it a requirement for suicide attacks. However, if we look at countries generating attacks over the past 20 plus years and the number of troops stationed in these countries, a direct link can be seen. “There is no evidence there were any suicide-attack organizations lying in wait in Iraq before our [United States] invasion. What is happening is that the suicide terrorists have been produced by the invasion.”1 As a point of reference, the United States alone maintains a global military presence, in 144 countries worldwide, ranging from “one Marine in Sierra Leone to an Army Corps in Germany.”2