chapter  7
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Engaging ourselves and the patient in the process

Most psychotherapists prefer to work with patients who are actively engaged in their treatment, and research suggests that, indeed, such patients may fare better than others (Tryon & Winograd, 2001, 2011). Pichert (1992) notes that patients who “participate as full partners in their own health care” (p. 16) tend to get better care and better results than their passive counterparts. Beaule and colleagues (Beaule, Dorey, Hoke, Leduff, & Amstutz, 2006) showed a positive correlation between patient activity level and physical recovery from hip replacement surgery. A psychotherapy patient’s beliefs that treatment will require hard work and that she and her therapist are part of a team are linked to positive therapeutic alliance (Bachelor, 1991; Mohl, Martinez, Ticknor, Huang, & Cordell, 1991).