chapter  13
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The structural weakness model

When we are considering how best to help our patient meet her goals, we re ect on whether immaturity in any of her core psychological structures plays a role in her dif culties. We also consider whether addressing insuf cient structural maturation will be important in her treatment plan. This chapter brie y describes both healthy and incomplete development of the ve core psychological functions and identi es the key interventional elements in treatment plans that target repair of structural vulnerabilities. Chapters 18-21 will then provide more detail about the maturation of the ve core functions. Recognizing places of structural weakness is essential in treatment planning not only because doing so creates effective and ef cient treatment but also because not adequately recognizing where our patient is vulnerable can result in treatment that harms her (e.g., Castonguay, Boswell, et al., 2010; Kernberg et al., 1972).