chapter  19
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The maturation of emotional balance

Emotions are our rst language. Their healthy regulation is of utmost importance to our survival, our enrichment, and our full expression of self.

The degree to which feeling states disorganize our patient’s functioning or enrich it is determined by multiple factors. People vary in the presence, intensity, range, and nuance of emotional sensations. They also vary in their ability to be cognizant of those sensations and in the speci city with which they can interpret them. Finally, they vary in their range of emotional expressivity and in their ability to integrate language, planning, memory, and social judgment into this expression of emotion. The unique package of variations for any one person determines whether she will be amboyant, reserved, or spontaneous; impulsive, inhibited, or exible; disorganized, rigid, or creative. These differences in turn will affect her ability to maintain a healthy alliance during therapy.