chapter  26
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Priorities and treatment episodes

As we absorb the array of information before us-presenting symptoms, underlying disruption, vulnerabilities, strengths, conditions encouraging or disrupting the alliance, functions served by the symptoms, learning styleprioritization spares us from becoming overwhelmed, overly ambitions, or discouraged. Just as we cannot know everything before beginning psychotherapy, so, too, we cannot treat everything once we are in psychotherapy. We can create the map with our patient and plot an ideal course; however, limitations and the unexpected are inevitable. Typically, some aspect of resources ( nances, time, motivation, social support) is insuf cient. In those instances, prioritization is essential. We must select among worthy goals. We choose those goals most necessary to tackle rst, or we choose those most likely to yield the most gains in the shortest time. Even when resources are suf cient, prioritization organizes the work and accentuates choice and commitment for the patient.