chapter  3
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WHY STUDY DECISION MAKING? Decision making is the most common form of problem solving in our everyday lives. We make countless decisions every day, many without conscious awareness. For example, navigating from your car to the office requires numerous decisions about the route, elevator strategies, and interpersonal interactions. (Should I say “Hi” to that person or pretend I did not see him?) We constantly make decisions in our everyday lives and our professional lives, such as:

• What should I wear to work today? • Should I move in order to take another job? • Which benefits package should I select? • Should I have surgery or try a drug regimen? • Which automobile should I purchase to meet my needs? • What will be the most efficient route to work at this hour? • What will I select to eat from this menu? • Which candidate(s) should I vote for? • Should I purchase an extended warranty for my new appliance

or car?