chapter  10
Story for promoting change
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This chapter focuses on the ways in which story can promote change in mind and behaviour. I have mentioned story and change in various places before, but now I focus on it. If a story can engage us, take us from current reality into story reality and return us to the here and now, then it is possible that it can promote change in the sense that learning is change (Chapter 3). This chapter covers situations in which the deliberate aim of story is change – in attitude or behaviour. Particular examples are in therapies and business, but the material is applicable elsewhere in education and is relevant to personal and professional development (Chapter 8). In this chapter, I first look at where story as an agent of change is located in

higher education and how it is relevant to learning (p. 131). I will then look generally at how story may be used for change (p. 132), and then I consider specific contexts of its use, providing practical ideas (p. 136). Mostly I have avoided reference to fiction and left this for Chapter 12.