chapter  14
New ways with story
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Throughout the planning of this book, I had expected to research the subject matter for this chapter in different places from the other material and that has been the case. It has been on different shelves in the library, on different websites and there have been different people with whom to talk. That does say something about the growth in these technological approaches, as they appear to have grown anew from technological possibilities – not what was there before. I have not covered the material in any depth but have scanned it in order to relate the ideas to the rest of the book. Nor do I start to pretend expertise in the technological aspects of what I write here. At the back of my mind as I have looked at this material has been the question: where in this material are the commonalities with story as I have depicted it? Are we talking of a really new kind of meaning for story or not? My brief research has suggested two ‘new ways’ to consider:

digital storytelling (p. 162); interactive story, games and simulation (p. 164).