chapter  6
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As with most professions, college counseling is not without its share of challenges. In this chapter, some of the most pressing challenges college counselors face today will be examined. Some of these challenges have been ongoing for many years now. We do have more knowledge based on research and anecdotal evidence to help us face these challenges, though they still remain difficult to resolve. The first challenge to be examined is one that has been and con-

tinues to be one of the greatest challenges for college counselors: the dilemma of meeting an ever-increasing demand for services with limited resources. Challenges associated with the need for college counselors to work within an administrative structure, particularly when dealing with adversarial or ill-informed administrators, will then be explored. This will be followed by a discussion of complications that arise from the need for college counselors to maintain confidentiality of counseling and avoid multiple relationships (whenever possible) while at the same time working collaboratively within the campus community. Three separate but interrelated issues will then be examined: anxiety that many college counselors experience in today’s climate because of fears of litigation (and whether such fears are warranted), the increasing role of college counselors in threat assessment, and pressures to conduct mandated assessments and mandated counseling. This will be followed by a discussion of challenges related to new technology, such as electronic records. The chapter will conclude with a discussion of the unique challenges faced by counselors who work in community college settings.