chapter  7
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Yogi Berra, known for his unintentionally funny quotes, once remarked, “The future ain’t what it used to be.” There is actually a lot of wisdom in that quote, especially as it pertains to the future of college counseling. The future outlook for the profession appeared much brighter several years ago. Of course, there have always been concerns about what the future had in store for the profession, for example, when concerns were first raised about the increasing severity of client problems (Bishop, 1990; Stone & Archer, 1990). But the overall health and potential growth of the profession tended to be strong despite being faced with a variety of challenges. The future of college counseling now seems much cloudier. With our faltering economy and pressures on colleges to contain costs, can colleges afford to continue to provide campus-based mental health services? To try to answer this question, four key issues that are likely to

receive increasing attention from college counselors and administrators in the coming years will be addressed: (a) the ever-looming threat of counseling services being outsourced on campuses as a cost-saving measure, (b) whether fees should be charged for counseling services, (c) whether colleges should fund or provide psychiatric services (primarily in the form of pharmacological treatment) on their campuses, and (d) consideration of merging counseling services with health services as a way to enhance resources. How each of these issues is likely to evolve in the coming years ahead will also be addressed.