chapter  22
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2Chapter 2 Language–Speech Processing in Developmental Fluency Disorders

This chapter focuses on developmental stuttering, a uency disorder that is affected by psycholinguistic and speech-motor factors. Stuttered speech has been described as consisting of relatively uent episodes of speech interspersed with dysuent events. According to Johnson and associates (1959), the main dysuent events are: (1) interjections (silent or lled pauses), (2) word repetitions, (3) phrase repetitions, (4) part-word repetitions, (5) prolongations, (6) broken words, (7) incomplete phrases (abandonments), and (8) revisions. Only the rst six events are consistent with the ICD-10 denition (World Health Organization, 1992), which maintains that speakers know what they wish to say but are unable to do so. None of these six categories includes an overt speech error. For this reason, our model does not assume uency problems are linked with speech errors.